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Red Gum Tree. This magenta salad has rich plum and cherry aromas, with blueberry flavor and clove and fennel flavors. Oak enhances the complex taste and brings a long and balanced effect.

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AD & SM McLean

AD & SM McLean is a family owned and operated wine company, established in 1972 in the cool and beautiful Pentland Hills at Myrniong (pronounced Mer-ni-ong) in Victoria, South East Australia.From the beginning, the family’s strategy and passion for the wine business has seen its operations expand significantly.Our philosophy is simple: superior vineyard management, coupled with fine winemaking to produce exceptional wines.From our humble beginnings, AD & SM McLean has expanded to boast significant acreages of vineyard, state of the art winemaking facilities, three cellar door outlets and four retail outlets – all based on an unwavering passion for quality and impeccable service.
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Last Barrel vineyard

Last Barrel vineyardOur vineyard is located in East Gippsland. This charming vineyard is owned and operated by the Smith family. Gippsland stretches from Victoria's high country in the north to Bass Strait in the south, There has a warmer, maritime climate with low rainfall and tempering sea breezes. Its coastal plains produce chardonnay, Cabernet sauvignon, fruity Pinot noir Shiraand floral Riesling. distinctive and very special wines.
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Donec ultricies Orway Estate Vineyard covers 28 acres and is located in the beautiful Otway Ranges, 125 km south of the town of Colace and 160 km from the Melbourne CBD, which is roughly 2-hour-drive distance. The winery was built in 1997 and planted 15 acres of vines in the carly 198os. With dozens of quality grapes including Shiraz, Chardonnay, Caberner Sauvignon and Pinot noir.